Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ornament Bursts

I had originally intended to use these FABulously Christmas themed Mini Chipboard Albums quite traditionally, but when I realised that there was the perfect number of pages to put together these bursting Christmas Decorations there was no turning back!!

Here is what I started with:

FabScraps Chipboard is gloriously thin, whilst maintaining a sturdy structure, which makes it perfect for paper craft projects of all varieties.  To prepare for the construction of the “bursts” take two pages from each album pack and break the surface of the chipboard by running a scalpel down the centre of the two separate pages.  Fold the outer edges towards one another to break the seal and shape the chipboard.  For each album pack you should have: two folded pages, one flat page, and a front panel.

I selected two sets of FabScraps papers one in traditional reds and greens (star) and the other in lighter blue hues (bell).   Select and allocate alternate papers for both sides of each page, before securing the papers to the chipboard with Triple Tac.  Leave the pages to dry for 30 minutes, or apply heat with a heat gun.  Once dry, file away the excess paper from the edges of each page. 

Select a series of Copic Markers that will work well but contrast with your paper selections.  Add the selected colours directly to the die-cut chipboard (front panels).  Copics are an easy way to achieve fast, dry and matt finishes to any form of chip or foam board…. A great trick to have up your sleeve.  In this project I coloured the star in one flat red tone, and mixed up the colours on the bell.

Ink the edges on all pieces with a brown stain.  Apply the same stain to the edges and detail of the front panels to bring them into keeping with the vintage look of the papers.  Use Triple Tac to stick the two sides of the folded pages together to form the “bursts”.  Once these are formed, run X-Press It Double Sided High Tack Tape across the join/seam.  This is where you will secure the flat page which forms the front of the “burst” and housing for the front panel, for my ornaments I have placed twine in the seam prior to pressing the pieces together to form “hangers” for my ornaments.  The front panel is attached directly to the top with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue.

It’s always a good idea to hold the “bursts” at the angle you would like them to remain.  I have used two different techniques on this project.  On the star ornament, I have coloured the two small stars from the FabScraps Christmas Star pack and positioned them to hold the outer edges in place.  

On the bell ornament I have used rhinestones in the creases of each of the “bursts” to hold them at the preferred angle.  I like to call these spacers, and they are easily secured with X-Press It Clear Gel Glue.

To finish, I have dressed the star ornament with the additional large star in the Christmas Star pack.  This is coloured on both sides with YG63.  Pearls have been added to the bell with X-Press It Glue Marker, one directly to the front and the others to the hanger string.  I have pressed two half pearls together around the string to provide the illusion of a bead.

Here are the FabScraps products I used in my project today:
FabScraps Papers:
Victorian Children, Victorian Angels, Little Children, Santa's Helper, Star Sparkles
FabScraps Bell Tag Album
FabScraps Star Tag Album
FabScraps Christmas Star (1 Large, 2 Small)
FabScraps Half Pearls

Here are the X-Press It products I used in my project today:
X-Press It Clear Gel Glue
X-Press It Glue Marker
X-Press It TripleTac
X-Press It 6mm Double Sided Tape High

Here are the Copic Markers I used in my project today: 
R29 Lipstick Red
Y38 Honey
BG57 Jasper
T4 Toner Gray No. 4
YG63 Pea Green

Thanks so much for visiting this tutorial, I hope it provides you with some ideas for how to use your FabScraps Papers, and embellishments.... use the albums in a traditional way, or make up a swag of these fabby decorations!!
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